Thursday, January 4, 2007

Notes after Wednesday Jan 3, 2007 Rehearsal

David and the cast had a spirited rehearsal where they worked and blocked out the Gretchen-camera scene and the ending procession scene. Last night was the first night we displayed dramaturgical images in the room and I encouraged the others to e-mail me if their character research has led them to more images we can include. By incorporating them I hope to make it a more collaborative collection.
Today David e-mailed an image of Angelina Jolie in a Mary-like setting to the left. Click on it to enlarge. It can be seen and read about at the artist's blob by clicking here.
David suggested playwright/director photos also for the rehearsal room - I think that would be great and I also envision it as a special board separate from the mood-type images, and also useful as a lobby display if David chooses. Greg mentioned the possibility of displaying the boards in the lobby. I think that would work well but not all of the images. The goal of the images in the rehearsal room may be different than that for the audiences. (Will review with David his goals for preparing the audience for the play and which images would be best.)
Oh he just sent me the playwright/director photos. Fabulous! That'll be the next posting here.

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